Responsible Grant Spending Using Ship-On-Demand

Ok now, PROCRASTINATION is a trait so many of us share! If you have a grant deadline looming and you wish to place a rush order, you can send us a PO or request an invoice and we will bill you same-day.  You can pay online same day as well.   With that said, we try not to ship product under panic conditions :-)   Do not say to us:  "We can't pay until we have received all the merchandise"   It is a moot point.   A lot of our items have custom labels and lead times of 2 to 4 weeks.   

#1  The most important priority for government, taxpayers, donors and philanthropists is that you are EFFECTIVE with the money you spend.  If your program is brand-new, you do not need to make a rash decision. Go ahead and "buy everything" from a financial perspective - but take immediate delivery of a "test batch or pilot batch" to ensure you are buying the right product among our many options.  The remainder of your financial credit is waiting for you when you know what items you want shipped, even if that sku is not on the original PO - we keep track of the math!!   You may find that your community prefers indoor cabinets, freestanding Barney units or vending-style units.   You don't want to have a warehouse or closet full of cabinets you can't find homes for!

#2  All pre-paid orders are fulfilled first. 

#3  We have a well-known reputation among grantors - they know our "ship on demand" program results in better programs than if grant recipients just rush into a bad decision to spend-down an amount.   We will make your program successful as we have programs in nearly every state across the country!

#4  Keep in mind, buying a lot of product at the last minute also wipes out our inventory, and can delay other Naloxone distribution efforts across the country.  It is better if every region of the country takes "a share" of our total inventory so that all of our programs are getting started as early and as responsibly as possible.  We all know that you can't deploy 50, 100 or 500 cabinets in one month.   You can spend the dollars immediately, but take deliveries in batches that reflect the speed and cadence of your implementation team.  The Ship-On-Demand program was developed when we started with Monroe County NY on their (now 700 cabinet) program.   All of those cabinets were shipped in small batches of 1 or 2 pallets - and it remains one of the largest and most effective programs in the nation.