With a patent-pending design and over 60 SKUs for sale worldwide, Allergy Emergency Kit has the possibility of creating an upward growth trend similar to AED (automated external defibrillators) a few years prior (which grew into an industry generating $1BIL+ annually.

Would you like to be a part of our exciting goal: to put epinephrine auto-injectors in a conspicuous, accessible cabinet next to every AED, worldwide?

Right now we are contemplating going public or working with investors directly. Startups are often accused of having a great "story" but no real business model. AEK, on the other hand, has just plugged along from day one, making and selling epinephrine and inhaler cabinets, storage panels and accessories. We were accepted quickly into the medical supply community and are proud to have publicly traded firms not only as distributors of our product, but also customers of our intellectual property.

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